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eastnor castle half .....

race report - part one

oh my god how many lumpy things ( aka hills ) malverns seems to be full of 'em. anyhow did it finsihed and drank ++++ beers after

in a style of monty python ..... i am now amongst the bretheren of "1/2 iron brian" ...

unconfirmed time of 5.15

a more comprehensive acount to follow once sober



  • nice one phil... I think you have raced more distance than I have trained this year...
  • Mad, I think it's your performance in T3 I admire most ..... remind me to put in extra training on this most important discipline ......

    Good one, mad, well done (yet again).
  • eastnor castle ... the setting for my biggest tri (yet)

    feck all this started back in june at nantwich with a sprint (one race i said to myself .... maybe its snowballed a little since then ).

    Anyhow despite the heavens opeing up that monring making think Eastnor was was to be the tri of the armagedon things did get better after that. (I think). There early ...got sorted registered racked bike and did my transistions bits - what could go wrong now. Then I saw the lake - so picturesque by the castle and people walking to the start line in that sh*tey water ... too much effort gone into training etc to bottle out of a mud bath. It might be good for my skin. it was odd deciding to wether have a standing kneeling or lying start position. Anyhow the swim was like the visibilty murky but uneventful no PB in the water (maybe if there was more water....) out I came as I thought back end of the fleet and into T1. Transistion was a dream in & out and so began the the 50 ish miles of the bike. I had even written B4 -R2 (bike4 run2) so I wouldnt out do myself as in a recent tri with extra laps (say no more but I did throw away a healthy lead). I have to admit the bike route was really good - would have found it much more demanding if I hadnt done Helvellyn earlier this year. A bit tritalk cheering and ranting from the supporters was a boost. Apart from my chain coming off my bike went superbly I flew past bike after bike I even think i finally got the edge on Stephs cow. Back on track for a sub 5 hour finish I made into T2 and headed out for the small matter of the run. Finally i seemed to have my eating and drinking sussed as i had energy to run .. ok my legs ached but that was someone elses problem . I got into my rythym after that first hill and coasted into a comfortable gear along the top straight. did the fell runner thing (as acquired at helvellyn) and bounded down the big hill long strides (weeeeeeeeeeeee .... ) and then kind of pixy tip toes thing up the side. So much support out on the run ... people offering encouragement and maltloaf ( odd but true) many shouting for warrington (had club trisuit on) but then bizzarely people shouting Phil - maybe there was a guy called phil who drafted me all the way round but i didnt care - so i stole his limelight and this spurred me on even to a sprint finish. Overall my aim was to complete a half this year as a platform for bigger thiings next year. I managed 55th in a time of 5'11 ... I was so chuffed with this - definately my A race of the season. Gutted though that I only have road races (Sandstone trail & Snowdonia marathon ) left til next year for another traithlon. I really had to dig deep for this one but it was so enjoyable for having done so & wish to thank Trev for sorting it all out & tritalkers/220'ers en mass for their words of wisdom. I will be back next year with a few more form Warrington tri. [image]http://www.tritalk.co.uk/forums/images/smiles/icon_twisted.gif[/image]

    Phil aka 'madnurse'


    splits if you interested ... swim 00'36 mins bike 03'09 hrs run 01'25 hrs
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