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any plans / hair brained ideas for next year ?????



  • Also new to the Forum so hi there;

    We only have one big race for next year (I say we as whatever I enter I also enter my wife[;)]). We will do Almere Classic Long Distance in August in Holland. Before that we will do a long Duathlon local to us Val d'Arun which is a toughie but fun. And then a couple of small Tris just to get us warmed up a bit. Started lots of run training now and doing a 10km or 1/2M every 3 weeks over the winter as its the run that we need to really work on to get our goal times. Then quite a fe camps in the spring to get the bike mileage up as i want to run off the bike at Almere feeling I have not even ridden it.


  • rollorollo Posts: 25
    I'm in the Wimbleball 70.3 for the second year...... back to hit those hills again. I was contemplating a full Ironman in 2007, but I don't think the wife would let me.....???

    Abingdon marathon - Oct 22 2006

    London marathon - April 2007

    Wimbleball 70.3 - June 2007

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