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well do you love it more than your partner ?


blatanty ripped off from another tri site

but it still makes me wonder about the sanity of some of the members on here not to mention the prevailing risk it brings to light



  • Well what can I say......

    The only difference with triatheletes........we would do not type of thing in a cerise lycra tri suit...........
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Whats wrong with that. Don't we all do it lol
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    we would do not type of thing in a cerise lycra tri suit...........

    or in rubber

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    never say never ... how are you two going to "go long" with an approach to tri like that ??

  • You could always do it with just a swim cap on.......Nar getting a little silly now
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    go stand in the corner ......
  • In corner.....sorry got carried away
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    you can come out when and only when you have apologised to every member [8D] all 313 of us !!!
  • Still in the corner.......but have put on fins with swim cap now
  • pacrfishpacrfish Posts: 266
    This may a stupid question from a mere female - but what was he wearing on his back???

    (had to avert my eyes so I coudn't see....)
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Looked like a water bag for when he gets thirsty.

    Maybe we are lookig at this wrngly what if the poor guy was about to be having a shower after a hard session. Then 'somehow' accidently fell into a tiny hole that he made on his gel saddle, and the camera caught him as he was forecfully attmepting to get his tadger out of the seat.

    See it could be totally innocent[8|]

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    All I can say is that if he can get his bit down the "saddle hole" of a bike then he is welcome to it...

    but yeah what was with the camel back?

  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    Hes obviously working hard and needs to hydrate.
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