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Trek Equinox 9 review

I am an ex pat in the USA

I just can not get a copy of 220 Triathlon anywhere here! I am planning on subscribing but have no hope of getting the current issue.

Could anyone please tell me what the conclusions were on the Trek Equinox 9 review in the current issue as I am thinking of getting one? Any negatives


email pharries at yahoo.com

(obviosuly replace the at with @)


  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99

    The Trek Eq 9 was pitted against the Specialized Transition. Basically as for the Trek i think the conclusions were along the lines of its pretty aero in a straight line (but as a consequence gets a bit hairy with cross winds). Its ride was quite hard although they quoted "its not quite the jack hammer that more extreme aero bikes turn out to be". Think i got quite a good review generally - mind you if i had the dosh to buy one i think id personally go for the Specialized Transition, but thats just personal choice i guess!! have fun on your new steed if you get one!

    PS think yourself lucky to be out in the USA, the bikes are sooooooooo much cheaper than over here [;)]
  • duphduph Posts: 13
    I know!

    I can get an Equinox 9 for US $1800 new (just over 1000 pounds) Seeing UK prices makes me physically sick!

    When I lived in NZ, Kiwis would fly to LA to buy mountaineering gear and still be better off!


    I find that the Specialized top bar is too short. The frame shape of the Specialized is different to almost every other bike out there. Great if you have a short torso or arm length.

    I have also looked at the Fuji, the cannondale (too expensive). I test rode a new 2005 Felt S32 Tri bike, fell apart on a test ride! Yes the frame broke! Put me off Felt!

    Thanks for the reply, looks like I will probably get the Trek

  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    Fell apart!!! No way! could have been nasty! have fun with the new ride ....lucky for some!
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