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Bike computer

duphduph Posts: 13
I am looking for a bike computer that will give me simultaneous display of Cadence and speed (preferably time also)

Any suggestions?


  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Hi Duph

    I can recommened the Specialised Elite (http://www.wiggle.co.uk/Default.aspx?ReferID=googwig&) I bought one recently, it shows a large speed read out then a second read out of what ever you currently have selected, it is a little fiddly to fit (then again it was my first bike comp so I have nothing to compare it against). All sorts of useful features such as cadence, time, etc, the functions all listed on that link. Not bad for £30.
  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    try to get one which pushes forward into it's clip, that way when you press the buttons it won't fall out the front of the clip, some of them slide in the other way so they are pushed out forwards, if it comes out in a race, i've seen lots, then it's gone

  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Good point Matt

    Recnetly i bought a Cateye micro cordless from Ribble, it arrived but one of the batteries was flat. I sent it back and they duly sent me a replacement (eventually). It worked really well when i got it sorted, then it got wet! I think i spayed it with the hose when cleaning the bike. I took both parts off the bike and dried it out with the battery compartments open and it worked again. Then it started (or rather stopped) playing up, i have now replaced both the batteries in the hope that it is just poor batteries.

    Anyone else had problems with wireless computers?

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