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What to wear in a cold weather triathlon?

I'm booked to do the first Thames Turbo race next Monday and have been patiently waiting for Spring to arrive and the weather to warm up. The 5 day forecast now suggests that it may be below freezing at 7a.m on Saturday, just 2 days before the race (and may even be sleet). Unless it dramatically improves by the Monday then it looks as though this'll be a pretty arctic triathlon.

So the question is, what should I wear? I normally wear just a trisuit and no socks, but I think I might freeze.... The pool is outdoors but is heated, so it'll be very cold standing around before the start but should be ok thereafter. The run could be interesting, and the less said about the bike the better. Should I wear socks? Put on a long sleeved running shirt? Cycling top? I don't want to faff about in transition any longer than I have to, but nor do I want to freeze on the bike and then be unable to run. Any views welcome.


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    insideinside Posts: 22
    The old favourite of a bin bag at the start along with a hat that you can discard. For the cycling - a top layer cycling jacket with zip. (and number belt)

    Take this off and put a t shirt on for the run

    Socks are always a no-no

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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    why does everyone always say socks are a no-no? i always put socks on in t1 and my transition time is no more than 30 seconds slower than anyone else, but my feet are a lot more comfortable through the bike and run. i wear short running socks and roll them up and read to just roll them up my feet. i've never had any problems getting them on!
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    scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    Yeah I'm with jon!

    I always put socks on! especially in this cold weather you feet will be numb after the bike trying to run!!

    trust me I wore socks at a recent duathlon and my feet were still numb, not nice at all!!!![:'(]
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    Thanks for the replies - on the plus side, I like the idea of the bin bag and hat (I'm not exactly going to win many fashion awards, but then I'm unlikely to win any gibbering in a tri suit at 7am either). On the minus side, I'm none the wiser about socks. I wore them in the first two triathlons I did but have since dropped them and, as I haven't got any blisters in subsequent races, I've pocketed the extra 30s happily. This time my only concern is that the feet may literally be numb when I start the run. I'd also welcome anyone elses views on bike tops, t-shirts etc. Am I just being a wimp? - it's only a super sprint after all....
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    insideinside Posts: 22
    It might be a heatwave on Monday [:D] and you will have nothing to worry about..

    About the socks - in a duathlon - yes - but I am a big believer in not trying anything in a race you have not done in training and putting dry socks onto cold wet feet comes under this category. For the blister risk more than anything else rather than the cold.

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    legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    I'm in the "with socks brigade"

    But, as for the rest, I really struggle with the cold -I find the most valuable things are a windproof jacket - really thin and lightweight and great for the bike and the run, thin gloves and a windproof hat are another favourite for the run- somehow this combo works better for me than anything else - I generate enough heat when I'm on the move but it's the wind chill that does me in and these really help.
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