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Swim-tech Triathlon Swim Workshop 27th Feb:

2011 Swim-tech Swim Training Workshop: 27th Febuary Folkestone Sports Centre, Kent

Coaches are from Swim-tech: Graham Williams and Lyndon Dunsbee.

Graham runs Swim-tech and has a long background in both coaching and triathlon racing. A many times member of the GB age group team which included a first out of water in age at a World Championships. Graham has worked with many triathlom and swim coaches including Paul Newsome of Swim Smooth and is a qualified ASA swim teacher and a BTF triathlon coach.

Lyndon is an former world record holder for swimming the English Channel (8 hours 34 mins) and is one of the country's top long distance swimming experts.

If its your first triathlon or you have signed up for a Ironman in 2011 we will help you get the best out of your swim.

The course will be in two parts. (3 swims during the day)
The first swim being a video recording of your swimming from above and under the water

Part One: The Front Crawl stroke (A breakdown). Video analysis of your swimming and a drill correction swim session with drills specific to your needs. Books and DVD's can help you so far but input from coaches is vital in feedback to what is actually happening and how to perform the correction drills.

Part Two: How to set up a yearly training cycle of your swimming, whatever your race be it long distance, Olympic or sprint. The final swim session is a chance to take part in a two part swim training session run and set by Graham and Lyndon.
DVD of your swimming included.

Cost £56 (only lunch extra which can be pre booked)

Bookings now open - Limited to 12 athletes only - Paymant confirms booking - Full details on http://www.swim-tech.co.uk or Email Graham at [email protected]
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