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blackpool swim

Ive just recently moved to Preston area, and been looking to get more open water experience. Ive decided to use the north shore at Blackpool as parking appears to be free and beach is quiet. Im going Wed 16/08/06 (tomorrow night) if anyone fancies joining me for a dip! Should be there for about 6 ish (relatively high tide).


  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Hi Pdunde - am heading more n more towrds the lake district for training if fancy a bash sometime ... have to ask though abuot your swim aound blackpool.. you will have some sort of safety cover ????? solo open water swims especially sea types might be seen as a bit risque ...

  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    Hi Phil actually at the moment I am going out on my own although I hear ya about it being risky, however if it is only me that turns up I wont be going out far and I’ll be staying within easy reach of the shoreline. Also weather is supposed to be fine, low wind and calm sea…so I will give it a bash! Def interested in the Lakes if im around, however I generally go back down south on the weekends – let me know. (not sure how to exchange emails on this forum!?).

    Phil D
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    Went sea swimming in Blackpool north shore on my own last night, it was actually great! The sea was very calm and tide was almost fully in. I stayed within about 15 meters of the shoreline (which is actually concrete banks when the tide is in that far) and was deep enough to swim properly however shallow enough to stand up if I needed to (about chest deep). Think the sandbanks have a shallow gradient as I couldn’t find any really deep water, which may have been a good thing! Only did about 800 meters though…as football was on, but the shoreline is straight and stretches for a good few Km. If anyone fancies it I would recommend it, better than inland water as it’s a bit more difficult what with swell and wavelets and water temperature being a bit lower, also open salt water tastes (marginally) better than docklands or lakes. I’ll be going again, but can’t say when yet as its wind and tide dependant…ill put another post nearer the time, come and join me, the more people the merrier!
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