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Crawl - "push phase"

Can anyone explain to me what the "push phase" is in front crawl? I cannot understand how there can be a push in the arms motion, surely its pull all the way through the stroke until recovery? Or is it a push as in pushing yourself out of the water? Also What is the push phase's purpose in the stroke, my simple mind imagines a pull all the way through gives better propulsion.

Im desperately trying to improve my swimming somewhat rather unsuccesfully at the moment! [&o]


  • Also when does the recovery phase ideally begin? Is it when the arm has moved through 90 degrees, or when the arm has moved through 180 degrees?
  • OSR3OSR3 Posts: 17
    push phase start when your hand reaches your sholder

    recovery starts when your hand leaves the water and end when your hand enters the water
  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    i think the 'push' is probably one of the most important parts of the stroke, along with a good stretch, , like the previous answer it starts at the shoulder and the hand accelerates until your arm is fully extended back towards the hip, don't rush to start the next stroke, by pushing back fully the lead arm is also inclined to stretch further forward making the stroke longer and more efficient.
  • Cheers guys, did a race yesterday and I think ive manage to sort out my technique now. Did an open water 1.5Km in 35 mins taking it really easy, went full pelt in the last 300m and started overtaking people, so reckon if I go that pace all the way through the race I could be pulling 25 minute race times (more than I ever hoped for previously!!)…..there might even be other people in T1 when I get out of the water next time hahaha!
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