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swim:- arm turnover rate

When swimming front crawl, I nearly always come out of the swim last or at the back of the pack, and its beginning to frustrate me now! In training im getting overtaken by women and children haha! I think my technique is ok, but im pretty damn skinny so I sink like a stone. Im kind of coming to the conclusion that my main flaw is arm turnover speed, as im pretty slow. Basically my question is what’s most likely to be causing my slow swim speed, arm turnover rate or technique? I tried to time my rate and its about 1 arm turnover every 2 secs maybe 1.5 secs.


  • I think it's likely to be pull technique, you should aim to have a slow and relaxed arm recovery. It would be a good idea to get into a coached swim session. You should aim to acheive about 10 complete (R&L) arm pulls per 25m length, you should be aiming to pull more than 1 metre of distance from each single arm pull. Being skinny isn't going to mean you are slow necessarily, you have less mass to push through the water and you are more torpedo shaped, as you swim more you will build muscle bulk around the shoulders, then you have to overcome that resistance by becoming more powerful. get some coaching, either look at the local pool they may have an adult coached session or the local swim club where you will learn to swim with children and suffer them overtaking you! If you still need direction there are loads of Swim technique coaches advertising in 220 they will use video analysis as well.

  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    cheers for that! I think you maybe right as theres no way i can cover a 25m pool in 10 R&L's more like 20 haha. I will join a tri club i think when i decide whether im staying in Preston or gunner live in Manchester, hopefully they can sort out my appauling swimming haha!
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    if anyone knows of any swimming coaches in the Preston area or possibly Manchester can you post them here, and which pool they use. Cheers
  • Well I think ive managed to sort out my swim technique. Realised I was doing a couple of things wrong. Firstly my hand speed was at maximum when entering the water, and slowest when it was moving past my waist (should be the other way round), also my hand was doing a constant “pull” through the water rather than a pull, then push. Did Rivington tri yesterday and tried my best to implement the 2 changes and worked wonders! I think I still naturally have my hand speed the wrong way round and instinctively enter the water at full pelt then slow down so will take some working on. But with those changes and when I was using an increased arm turnover rate I was really motoring in places. Just looking forward to next season now!
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