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swimming infections

I have started doing a lot of open water swimming this season in both inland bodies of water and sea, which is great for training for race day – however ive started getting a load of colds! I sometimes take a bit of water up my nose and that’s when the infections normally take hold at the back of the nose / throat. Previously I had not had a cold for 3 years – now ive had two in 4 weeks!!! Is it possible that the water is infecting me or is it just bad luck with a couple of ordinary colds? I think its mainly inland bodies of water which cause me problems as ive not really had any issues with sea swimming.


  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Could be the water there will certainly be some nasties in there... but you are also in much colder water than in the pool and as we all know getting cold is a way to get a cold etc...

    The other thing that happening when exercising is your immune system gets zapped...I tend to neck a high dose vit c and vit e tablet after training to boost my immune system and its seems to work... also if I feel I cold coming on I hit the zinc

    Loony "pills" toon

  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    I think Lonny has hit the nail on the head and most likely its a result of immune supression. Especially if your not used to doing a lot of training.
  • Hi, this is from an interesting article: http://www.back-in-business-physiotherapy.com.au/exercise,sarcopenia,immunology.htm

    "There is direct relationship with muscle mass and immune function. The better your muscle mass the better the reservoir of proteins for the immune system to use at times of need. However, when in vigorous training and/or over-training the protein is being used for muscle recuperation and repair and therefore little is left over for the immune system."

    Whenever I overtrain I get sick more easily. I find that upping my calorie intake a lot helps..... Cold water swimming zaps a huge amount of energy.

    (Edit - er, sorry for the giant type!)
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