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Whey protein supplements?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a whey protein supplement? I used to use the weight lifting stuff from health food shops, however i found it disagreed with me in a big way (gas, bad skin etc). Ive recently being using High5 4:1 carb/protein and not had any side effects, so im tempted to have a bash at their protein recovery - however at 25 quid a tub i would like to be sure i wont be binning it after 2 spoonful’s! Anyone used it / got a better recommendation?


  • REGO by SIS, comes in a load of nice flavours and they have done some tinkering to it so it works better now. costs about £20 a tub unless you want the really gucci stuff. Chec out

  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    thanks for the reply wobbly rider, what the consistency like on the Rego, ive heard its soy based which ive found to be a bit powdery even when mixed...although to be fair that was not the SIS product line....might see if i can find a small sample i can buy off the net rather then buying a whole tub of the stuff.
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    just found a place called sweatshop.co.uk that sells the rego in 40g sachets so got a few of them to test, also trying a few protein bars to see how they fare....will post a "review" when ive gulped them!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Try your local Holland and Barratt health food store they sell reasonably priced whey protein supplements in various flavours.If you use a blender rather than a shake bottle to mix it helps remove any powdery taste.I would recommend that any you buy does contain glutamine in its list of ingredients.
  • handyrobhandyrob Posts: 31
    Id also look online. I buy from www.bodyhut.com, they have pretty much every brand you can think of so you can do your research and find one that will best suit you and your price bracket.
  • dancedance Posts: 1
    Firstly "HI" I'm a lurker of these boards and thought I would post up as I have been buying all my supplements from www.myprotein.co.uk and I have found the quality and prices of the products great! Its a little different from brands as they don't have fancy packaging and buy and sell direct. I currently use their flavoured whey protein blend for a change, but have used the unflavoured whey as well which was great too add to smoothies etc

    I found them while reading William Sichel ultra distance running website - he is sponsered by them.

    Anyway everyone keep up the great posts its a great forum! :) Cheers!
  • DarylDaryl Posts: 10
    I regularly use High 5 Protein Recovery. They used to produce a vanilla flavour which was really good, and made good smoothies when combined with a banana. They now produce a banana/vanilla flavour which is still good. I have had no bad effects from using it and use it to supplement my lunch after a midday training session. I find making it up before hand, leaving it in the fridge, then giving it another good shake with some added ice prevents any powderiness and also makes for a slightly less thick consistency.
  • Daryl wrote:
    I find making it up before hand, leaving it in the fridge,

    On the back of every protein shake I have had it says to drink within 20mins of mixing...

    I can recommend the £10 Holland and Barrett whey protein shakes, not bad tasting and no wind!! ( unlike maximuscle drinks )

    Just avoid meal replacement drinks as they always taste foul!

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