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Blackpool 2007

Ive seen that Blackpool is doing another "triathlon" (hopefully this year it will be a tri and not a duathlon!), and i may be interested in doing it this year. However, there is not a lot of info knocking round on a 2007 race, does anyone know if it is actually happening this year? Ive heard it may be in early June.

Also i overheard some guys talking about it last year, and they were saying a lot of people got punctures on the bike leg - anyone have any knowledge of this?


  • Blackpool is on June 10th this year. I only observed last year but fully intend to do this year once entries are open. Can't help you on the puncture details but you would have thought the prom was a fairly low risk surface wouldn't you?!
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    yeah thats what i thought, but over heard a lot of people saying they sprung a puncture - Anyhoo, i have just recieved an email from the organiser, apparently the June date has been scrapped as they are doing promenade works, its been changed to Sept 8th......which interferes with Vitruvian, so its no go for me....damn pesky road works!
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