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NW / East Midlands Tri's

Anyone know of any decent triathlons in the North West (Besides Salford and Rivington, im already doing Salford, and Rivington is out as its the same date as Vitruvian)? Or East Midlands (Im already doing Vitruvian). Im contemplating London, however its a pain in the backside having to Hotel it, and i have easy access to NW / East Mids so would prefer that area.




  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi there,as an exile from Chorley,where my parents still live,I often try to find races in the local area so that I can visit them and race as well.I am not sure if these races are listed on the British Triathlon website or even if they are going to be held this year as I am still trying to find out,so here goes: Brinscal near Chorley usually in September,there is often two at Rivington a short and olympic distance,Darwen in april last year but I have not seen anything this year.Clitheroe mid summer.There is a Duathlon series in Cuerdon valley near Chorley at the start of the season.If you fancy the lake district there are two one near Barrow in Furness and one in September.Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales around August 12,Some of these are organised after the BTA calendar has been issued so try www.ukresults.net they have an excellent race calendar.Hope this helps it is a shame but some races just disappear.
  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    Excellent! Thanks V Much! The ones around the lakes sounds interesting, I was wondering why there wasnt already one organised around there, i will keep an eye out for that
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