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Speedo Wetsuits


Trying like many people to take advanatge of the january sales and pick up my first wetsuit (avoided the need for a wetsuit last year by only doing pool based events).

I was just wondering if anyone had any reviews of the speedo STR Elite or STR pro that might help me make my mind up. Also any general tips on choosing/fitting a wetsuit would be great also.



  • Hi
    I have not used the new speedo wetsuits only one of the older ones which was very good.
    As for fitting here is a link to a page on my site and a little down th epage is a video of fitting.
    http://homepage.ntlworld.com/swim-tech1 ... 0clas.html
    Hope that helps
  • The Speedo suit I had last year on loan was great, I bought the newer version of it ready for next year. The suits are good quality, simply built and without all the bells, whistles and go faster stripes and squiggles of most others. They don't cost a fortune either, but acording to most tri blogs etc, spending a fortune seems to be half the point of getting into the sport...
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    Can't comment on speedo wetsuits as never had one.

    BUT, a word of warning. Don't just buy one based on sizing charts as there is a very good chance it won't fit.

    You need to go somewhere that stocks a few and try them on. I've just bought myself an Orca Alpha. On paper it shouldn't have fitted and I'd ruled it out. The dimension charts said a Blueseventy Helix would be perfect for me and I almost bought one online. Good job I didn't as when I tried it on it was a terrible fit, too tight across the chest and the arms were too long.

    Go somewhere you can try a few on and pick the one that fits best. If it's somewhere you can have a dip, even better as they'll feel very different in the water!

    Much better to pay full price and get one that fits right, than get a bargain now and change it in 6 months as it doesn't fit!
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