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Vitruvian or New Forest?

Having completed a few sprint and olympic triathlons a have set myself the target of a half iron man this year.

Looking at the race dates i have narrowed it down to either the Vitruvian or the New Forest middle distance race.

Any advice or tips on either race would be greatly appreciated.


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    Did both races couple of years ago, back to back, after a summer blighted by injury, couldn't bear to waste the entry fee [&:]. Both are cracking races with the vitruvian very well organisedand and an easy course. Found the vitruvian a bit sterile compared to the New Forest which is a very demanding race with fantastic scenery, found the New Forest run was a real killer as it is over a range of sufaces including soft soil/sand (as found in the forest) and also includes a range of slopes, the fact that it was the end of nearly 12 hours of racing in 2 weeks also may have been a factor, lol.

    My advice would be to enter The Vitruvian this year and the New Forest next

    Good Luck.
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    Hi, I did the New Forest as my first Middle distance race in 2007.

    Really friendly organisers. I had not really trained for anything longer than a standard distance and just did it as a 'fun' race to end the season. Well it was certainly a challenge, but really worth it. Fab views, interesting animals on the road, eg ponies, sheep, wild boar and more. The run was, as has been said multi terrain, but wow the sense of achievement was great.

    I didn't do it last year as it clashed with something else.

    The main thing is whether you like lots of support out on the race, if you do probably best head up North. If the loner thing is more your style + views go South.
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