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swimming pools

Living in chelmsford essex i have the local swimming pool which is 33 meters long, initially i thought this was great but it is so busy all the time that i rarely get a good swim in. I have been looking around for other pools locally.

Virgin active, has a twenty meter pool which although expensive would be far quieter. My big problem is whether a 20 meter pool may be too small, as i may start to rely on my push off the wall too much.

What size pools do you guys swim in? Is 20m big enough.


If anyone else lives around this area and knows of some hidden away quiet pool please let me know.


  • tomroomtomroom Posts: 33
    I have the luxury of training in a 50m most of the time and I do find it especially annoying when I got back to my 20m pool at home. More than the relying on the push off too much I think the main problem is that you don't get along enough time to focus on your stroke before you have to turn. On the other hand there is nothing worse than a busy pool.

    Perhaps a comprimise, were you do your longer / technique orientated swims in the 33m and when you do intervals / speed go to the 20m where you can be confident you won't give someone a smack round the head.


  • steveslaysteveslay Posts: 54
    is there not a tri club near where you are that you could go to, as my local club have swim sessions in a local pool and although there are quite a few who go (around 30ish) everyone always gets a good swim in
  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Hi Andy

    I was in the Chelmsford pool a few sundays ago.... at least you have 2 areas marked off swimming lengths, For 30-40 mins I was the only one in the 'fast lane' best weekend swim I have had [:)] , my local pool in the North East doesn't have that so you spend most of the time avoiding collisions with stupid kids or people who swim widths or diagonally across the pool.

    Trying to do drills is very difficult when being 'bombed' [:(], I guess its practice for mass starts though [:)]

    Happy training

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