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advice for a novice

I am a junior doctor working variable and unsociable hours. I have a history of team sports but am planning on doing my first triathlon this summer. I currently run approx 5 mile three times a week. could anyone advise me on the most productive training methods for a limited time schedule??


  • VegaUKVegaUK Posts: 4
    Hi, Im a Tri novice but have been running for years. If I where you I would probabley take up swimming which would increase your overall body power and strength. Also as a start you might want to do the beginner sprint training session in the latest 220 mag. Hope it helps :)
  • chischis Posts: 94
    If you are already running 5 miles three times a week this is good. Perhaps you could be sure to ensure that there is some speed work in that and perhaps begin to extend one session gradually into a longer run.

    In addition you do need to get at least one good swimming session in per week depending on how far off your event is. Perhaps you could cycle to work also to save a bit of time as you no doubt have a hectic schedule. If you work in a hospital I am sure you will be able to shower somewhere at work.

    The advice about looking at a proper training schedule is sound as it will give you a framework to follow and will help your motivation. Be prepared to adapt it according to other presssures and to suit your individual needs however.

    As you get nearer to your event try some "brick sessions" where you ride straight after a swim or run straight after a ride (particularly the latter) as this will help your body to begin to come to terms with the transition to a different discipline and using different muscles. Also practising transition itself will help - even running through the process mentally.

  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I have only just taken the sport up again, but my baseline fitness comes from rugby. I changed because I was putting the training in and it was demoralising to see others who didn't really give a poop. Therefore in triathlon I am the only to blame if I don't keep my times.

    For me I am taking a few weeks to get my body used to swimming, running, and cycling.

    I have been doing the race distances in all catagories, just making sure I can complete, and once my body has got over the initial aches and ohh my gods. Then I will concentrate on building power, and speed up through the use of drills.

    Not sure if that is what you wanted to hear, but thought I would let you know what I am doing.

    A good hint and I should get rights for this, is to use the 220triathlon magazine as your bible. It has loads of great tips, and also this forum. I have managed to learn more today from joining this forum than I have since I decided to quit rugby and retake triathlon.


  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    As stated in another thread you should get the book called Triathlon Training Bible this will show you the way with training etc.
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