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cycling speed

I have never done a triathlon before and have set my sights on the bananaman tri in july as my first. I,m currently working 70+ hours a week, so have to fit my training around this. I have been running and swimming, but today was my first outing on my bike.

I had no probs cardiovascularly, with max HR approx 150. But my legs weakened very quickly. I appreciate that i will need to spend many hours in the saddle, but could do with some advice regarding speed.

What is a good training speed and over how far sould i be training. Unfortunately i may only be able to get one good ride a week in with one or two short rides after work.

Any tips??????



  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    athoyle, Welcome

    Your initial target is to be able to push through the distance on the bike after that wearing swim - 800m. Start off by just being on the bike and getting miles in your legs, they will soon get used to it. Some intervals will help - hard up the hills and rest down the other side (always push over the top don't stop pushing just at the top)

    Bannanaman is a 30km bike section so you should try and make your long ride at least 30m(48km) but aerobic, 70%max, find lots of hills to make you work hard over short sections. The other two rides can be shorter, one of them should be tempo type and about 18m(30km), the other a recovery ride. Try not to combine a tempo run and a tempo ride within a couple of days of each other.

    Don't worry about other people's speed yours will get better as you work at it.

    Good luck

  • scotchioscotchio Posts: 19
    My Advice to you is to find a local cycling club with a weekend chain gang.

    Most clubs have a social ride on a Saturday, this will get you used to riding the kind of distance. You'll be able to draft people and get you along.

    Good luck

    Use this link to find one near you.

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