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What Bikes?

Hi People, I have been running now for some years and have recently started swimming however I have decided that I am going Tri. I need help chosing a bike but Im on a budget on £300. I seen these two wondering which one I should get though, http://www.evanscycles.com/find.jsp;jsessionid=8972D772CE13EEB8F2D224A544AA4277.tomcat3?page=1&sortDirection=2&searchFor=&action=find&bs_filter=&searchWhat=6&minPrice=0&maxPrice=300&typePick=1033&brandPick=


  • SetantaSetanta Posts: 42
    Personally I had a Saracen Morzine up until last year and would still have it if not for the car that went up my backside. Nice bike and the 2005 colours are nice for a budget bike. They both have the Sora gears so they would be grand. For me the Saracen but they both will do your job.

    Good Luck.
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