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London Triathlon Accommodation

Hi all,

Just a quick question. What did people do previously for the London Tri. did you drive down, or get accommodation. Is there a huge carpark for potentially 8000 athletes?



  • last year we drove down as only live in oxford but it meant that we had to leave at about 330am getting up at 3am

    there is a big hotel by the excel centre (cant remeber the name) and i may stay up there this year depending on start time

    there is also big car park at the excel centre, of course race times are staggered throughout the weekend
  • n1ck bn1ck b Posts: 27
    The Ibis is located next to Excel(the 5 km run goes round it)Also the Novotel is attached to the Ibis.The other end of Excel is the Hilton.

    A short hop on the Docklands light railway(DLR)there are Traval lodge style hotels 5 to 10 minutes either way. the Novotel/Ibis has an under ground car park.

    Hope this help's.


    Try this

  • Hi Jason

    There are two car parks, both of which are within 250m of the Excel centre. The website says it is £2 per hr up to a maximum of £8 but I'm pretty sure the prices were actually £3 hr last year up to a max of £9 (after the race info said it would be £2 and £8).

    The problem with travelling down and back on the day is that you have to rack your bike on the Saturday if you are racing in any of the late morning or early afternoon starts on the Sunday (which included all of the mens Olympic groups last year except for the 20-24 or 25-29 age groups which went off before the elite race and which had to rack on the Sunday morning). Having said that, a friend of mine forgot to bring his bike on the Saturday and they let him rack it and register with no problems on the Sunday so you may be able to get away with it. If you want to stay in the local hotels then it may be worth booking early - I doubt there are any non-triathlon guests at the weekend but there are nearly 10000 competitors and about the same number of spectators so they probably still fill up.


  • p.s. I wouldn't try staying elsewhere in London unless you have a car - the DLR refused to take bikes last year and several poor sods had to cycle the 10km back into London after the race was over (in temperatures of 32c...).
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