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False Speeds

JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
Ahhh, it is doing my head in.

WhenI go out for a fast run, I push myself, and feel like I am sprinting. Only ti find out I am not going as quick as I want to be.

When I am on the bike, I fly past people only to find out my times are pants.

I can handle the bike, as it just means more training.

But how the heck can I get faster. I have tried sprint training, endurance training. I can't seem to get under 8 minute mile at a consistent pace. If I could do this I would be chuffed. As it stands I am comfortable at 9 minute miling, pushing at 08:30 minute miling, and feel like I am sprinting any faster than that. I used to be a 6 minute mile man :(

I do have Arthitus in both my big toes, which means there is a severe lack of flexibilty in the foot. Could this be the problem? It means my foot lands, twists out, then pushes. Should I get the buggers removed lol.

It is really frustrating me, please help.


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    JulieMacJulieMac Posts: 30
    I guess you keep a training diary? And you've done regular time trials over a set course to keep an accurate record of improvement? Do you have a training partner or run with a club? The in club competitiveness week on week can help improve your times. Have you tried track sessions? My old tri-club had one session a week (aswell as all the rest of it) and it improved my speed. I'm not sure of any specific programs (there must be loads out there) as they were all worked out. Maybe adding this to your trainning and being consistent with it may help, you've also got the ideal set up to time your self.

    I hope this helps
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    RobRob Posts: 209
    Jason, interval training. Give that a go. I've been using it this year & my speed has improved. Warm up, then do a main set of say two minutes at a certain pace/heart rate, then back off for a minute & do another two minute burst etc. Set yourself a target of tryiong to do the two minutes at 80-90% of max HR say. Or lower if that feels too hectic. You can make up your own combinations, but make sure you have it clear in your mind before you go out what you are going to do, otherwise the session can be a bit woolly.

    Julie's right too, going out with a club & runners who are slightly better than you will improve your pace. Track sessions are tops for this.
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