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Gear, levers etc

JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
I am thinking of upgrading my bike gears, levers, brakes etc to Duraace.

Would this actually benefit in any way? I presume the bike gets a few grams lighter, but actual shifting amd power. Does this improve it at all?


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    Matt KMatt K Posts: 16
    What gear are you running at the moment?

    The shifting on a dura Ace set up will probably be no better than a tiagra one, as the mechanical design will be pretty much the same. Dura Ace kit is simply made out of lighter/stronger material.

    As for power, If you change the cranks to Dura Ace you will probably find they are stiffer and transfer more of your power to the rear wheel than a cheaper pair of cranks would. You'll notice this more under acceleration.

    My road bike was built on a strict budget and i run a mixture of tiagra/sora components, and i find the shifting is slick and fast, i couldn't really justify the money spent on high spec gears for the little difference they would make.
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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    I have dura-ace on my bike.You can feel the difference.The shifting is a bit more rapid and precice.I used to have ultegra and i can notice the difference between the two. Ide recomend you only get the shifters, rear and front mech and cassete.I wouldn't go for the chianset simply becouse its a bit on the heavy side for money you pay for it ide buy a Bontrager X lite carbon chainset instead.The whole of Dura-Ace is the same as XTR(Dura-Ace 07 rear mech has some geometry from 06 m960 XTR rear mech)

    faster acceleration.Faster acceleration can make all the difference in a race.
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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I have Shimano 2200. Top of the basement range lol. So I guess there would be some noted difference
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