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Turbo Trainer

I am looking at getting a turbo trainer this week. (Hopefully from ebay).

What are good and what are bad. Is there anything specific to look out for. For example - Hydro glide water fluid system. ""This may sound ultra cool, but I just made it up""


  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    All I can tell you is I got an Elite Fluid Elastogel for about 150 quid. Its great, got it as an xmas pressie and basically saved my winter training! Without it I would probably have done nowt! They are not exactly stony silent however, even the high end ones make quite a racket so if you live in flats beware the wrath of your neighbors!
  • The best advice you can get is to cook your neighbours some cookies so when they wake up at 5am to your 'silent turbo trainer' whirring away for hours they wont mind as much. Still they are so much better these days, I remember (about 10 years ago) training on a 'cutting edge' trainer, it was so loud my folks couldnt hear the TV when I was in the garage!
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