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First open water swim

Hello there,

I did my first open water swim at the weekend. Loved it because I felt professinal and with every stroke powered on. HOwever this was short lived, as my arms got sooooo tired. Quicker than I was used too.

Is this becuase I am a weed, or do wetsuits generally do this to people?


  • rebborebbo Posts: 58

    apparently wetsuits are supposed to take 10 mins to put on properly, to ensure there's enough material around the shoulders & this doesn't happen. Hence also you can get sleevess wetsuits, to eradicate the problem. Or maybe you were just going SOOOOOOOO fast your shoulders couldn't keep up!

  • pdundepdunde Posts: 99
    chances are that your not used to doing long distances without stopping at the end of a pool! I know I was the same when I first did open water. It takes me a good 400m to get into my stride, and that 400m is killer, after that im fine. Im assuming your using a dedicated tri wetsuit? If so chances are its not that that’s the problem. Another possibility is that your technique in open water is not as smooth as indoor swimming, due to panicking and avoiding breathing in wavelets etc. I think basically you will get less fatigue the more your do it and become acclimatised to it.
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