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OK, so I have started training again, and loving it.

I got sciatica over a year and a half ago, and have only really recovered last September.

Now I have started training hard again, I can feel it again. It feels like an tough muscle. I am a wee bit apprehensive this could develop back in to sciatica.

My question is, I presume this is due to doing heavy hill work on the bike.

Does anybody know how to ensure it doesn't develop. I know about stretches, etc. But wondered if there were any specific exercises that would strengthen it whilst at the same time fixing the bugger.

I don't want to stop training, and I most certainly don't want to develop sciatica again. It is bloody painful.

It totally killed my times and fitness last time, and this is more of a comeback lol



  • duphduph Posts: 13
    Get evaluated!

    Sciatica means "leg pain"

    Wheter this is from a pinched nerve, referred back pain or just plain old tight muscles or some other cause needs to be determined prior to formulating a plan.

    Tight hamstrings can also make you prone to other conditions.

    Do yourself a favour get evaluated and then formualte a plan from there.

    IMHO only politicians formulate a plan without having any idea of the nature of a problem; just look what a mess they make of things!
  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    Hi Jason - Which do you want the gung ho triathlon answer or the less appealing clinical one ... ?

    to support Duph pretty much you should for now at least avoid ANY activity that seems to aggrevate your condition ... having read some of your stuff on here I would guess your bike isnt helping so that for now should be shelved temporarily if so. It would probably serve you well to go back to the health practitioner that treated you last time a) for a review of your condition and b) to ask for a screening for triathlon ... you might do this in conjunction with a good personal trainer or even a triathlon coach (BTA qualified) to ensure you are able to train safely.

    Ifr this a go ahead then I would look (if you havent already) at joining a local tri club so your session will more structured, you wil have depth of experience around you to draw on and a safer evironment to train in. The structure of your training will be the key to your sucess in this ... without planning for issues like old injuries and conditions you are likely to suffer relapse negating all your hard efforts and optimism. The body is a pretty resoourceful and adaptable peice of equipment but we all have limitations.

    In conjunction to this ensure ALL your kit is suitable and fits your 'like a glove' including your bike. you wouldn't run a pair trainers a size too big would you ????? Get the bike sized for you ... a good fitting session could make a world of difference.

    Hopefully by adopting a safe and responsible attitude to your health your triathlon shouldnt have to suffer in the long term. Be strategic in this ... and you can still cross the finsh at your first sprint tri .. be fool hardy and well you can work out the rest...

    good luck with all that you need to do


    (NB the above is not meant to serve as anything other than that based upon experience and should not be construde as a medical opinion) the following link appears to offer sound direction http://www.medinfo.co.uk/conditions/sciatica.html
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