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Orbea bikes

JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
So I hink my frame is too big, well more that I am over reaching for the bars. So i will get a new shaft to bring the bars about 2" closer.

So I went on the web to see what bits are available and hardly any online shops touch the orbeas. Have I bought a crap bike or something? I must admit my power ratio over distance doesn't seem great.

What do people think of the Orbea. Please be frank asI need to know wether to exchange (if possible) for a better bike, of similiar price.


  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    i nearly bought an entry level orbea last year, i think the bikes are fine, especially the more pricey ones, and not many people have them which is a bonus, i ordered one but had loads of trouble wioth the shop delivering it which is what put me off, not the bike itself.

    from what i've seen and heard they're quality bikes

  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Cheers for that Matt, I will keep it then and just make the adustments so that it fits me a little better.

  • fatmattfatmatt Posts: 145
    jason, thanks but don't tlke my advice, it's just my opinion on how they look and what i've heard, it's what you think that matters, if it feels good to you then it's good for you, i'd hate to be responsible for a 'wrong' bike, but that doesn't mean to say that a more expensive bike is better, it's what feels good for you mate,

    good luck

  • scotchioscotchio Posts: 19

    Have you tried a bike fitting? It's made the world of difference to my back and riding position. Mine cost £35 from up and running in dulwich. Could be cheaper than buying loads of bits you don't actually need.

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