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London tri Registrationhi,I

JasonBJasonB Posts: 303

I am on day 2 for the London Tri in the Olympic Mixed. It may be my misunderstanding, but am I supposed to register for the race the day before? I presume I cannot turn up on Sunday and register? Is that the case, or an error in the handouts we got?


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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980

    If you are racing on the Sunday afternoon then yes, you need to register and get your bike checked and racked on the Saturday - apparently with no exceptions. This is your punishment for not entering the age group races. :-D

    There is a mistake in the race book, which relates to the cycling course for your race. It mentions Gallions r'bout and shows the route on the map, while also pointing out that you should turn at the Beckton r'bout.

    The on-line version of the race book is now correct: you turn twice at Beckton r'bout for both cycling routes.


    [I'm in the age-group races, so I have an 8am start and need to register from 5am onwards. This isn;t funny either]
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    El DubyaEl Dubya Posts: 11
    5am!!! i saw that in the booklet and thanked my lucky stars I was in the open category. That's your punishment for entering the age group race race and not the open category. [:D]

    I'm racing on the Sunday afternoon and am actually looking forward to going up there on the Saturday with my buddy and watching a triathlon for once. whenever i've raced before i've always had my girlfriend there with me and although she likes to come and support me she isn't too keen on standing around too much after I finish.

    I can see how registering on the Saturday is probably a colossal pain in the backside for anyone with a long journey who was planning on travelling on the morning of the race. i only have an hour drive to get to excel so not so much of a problem for me.
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    rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Good Luck All

    I will not be there [:@] [:(][:(] - I am recovering from a lower back problem (started 3 weeks ago and I ignored it) , took part in a sprint triathlon 10 days ago and could only just walk when getting out of the sea (only a 750m sea swim), being stubborn and having made the effort getting up at 5:30 etc etc I completed the course..... but

    I have spent the last 10 days on ibuprofen and lots of time on lying my back to relieve the pain. Tried a swim on Sunday but managed about 10 lengths (25m pool) before the pain was very obvious... and my triathlon goal of the year completing London Oly distance has ended... there's always next year [:D]

    Have a Great time and enjoy it [:D]

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    Hi Jason

    I did the Sunday Tower Bridge route last year with a friend and was also supposed to register and rack on the Saturday. He was unable to make it into London on the Saturday at the last minute and so asked me to check with the registration desk whether he could register/rack on the Sunday morning - they were totally unfazed and said it was no problem. He turned up on the Sunday and registered/racked in about 5 mins with no complaints or admonishments from anyone - I think they just say "no exceptions" because they don't want 90% of the racers turning up on the Sunday, but if last year is anything to go by then you should have no problem.

    Good luck on Sunday. I'm off in the last race of the day at 1540....


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