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Best way to get rid of the belly



  • GobbyGobby Posts: 1
    Eat small and often 6 times a day 3 hours apart. Wash down with 1-2 glasses of water (thirst often mistaken for hunger).

    Eat clean (fresh ingredients ie not in a sauce/pastry)

    Breakfast essential (recipe from nutritionist in this months TRI200 really nice).

    Nothing 3 hours before bed.

    eg this is working for me;

    Fruit/yogurt/3 egg white smoothie + water/coffee 7am

    Train 1-1.5hrs

    Tri220 bfast 10am 1glass f juice/1 water

    High fibre bagel smoked salmon and two egg scramble+ leafy salad +Water 1pm

    High fibre muffin+ green tea and honey 3pm

    1 Banana before and 750m drink during 1 hr training 7pm

    Carrott soup c brown roll and boursin + 1/2 glasses water.

    If really feel peckish melon/pineapple/strawberries + Water

    Feel wonderful

  • Dang Gobby! You just replied to an 18 month old thread - you must be doing some serious research!

    I thought the answer was just 'less in, more out', i.e. 'eat more sensibly, exercise more (sensibly)'.

    Never convinced by the weight training argument i.e. that it increases your metabolism and hence helps you to burn fat faster. That may be true, but I've never found a weight lifter who didn't a) eat enormous amounts to increase muscle bulk, b) take supplements to boost the muscles, and c) eventually stop training, whether through injury, boredom, work or whatever, and then see all the muscle turn to fat within months. It's easy to spot the ex-weight trainers - wide shoulders, big belly.

  • jacjac Posts: 452
    That diet looks quite lacking in complex carbs..wholemeal pasta, brown rice etc..

    And protein-wise look to lean meats, fish as well as eggs. Your post evening workout meal looks more like a snack to me..

  • julesojuleso Posts: 279
    Gobby, I'd be interested to know how long you've been keeping that up.......it looks like a pretty hardcore regime you've got going on. Is it just since January 1st?

  • jonnnijonnni Posts: 32
    I consider myself to be a world expert in this field. My credentials:

    1. In my forties

    2. Proud owner of aforementioned wobbly belly

    3. Studied a bit of nutrition 20 years ago

    I have the best way to lose the belly guaranteed (terms & conditions apply)

    Step 1 Purchase Tri suit approx 1/2 size too small. Do not look in the mirror at this stage!

    Step 2 Wear shiny new tri-suit to public baths on Saturday morning

    Step 3 Look in full length mirror - wear ear defenders at this stage to prevent ear damage from screams of horror

    If that does not motivate you to lose weight you are doomed forever!

    As far as nutrition goes eat a balanced diet calories < calories out and keep it going

    Hope this helps!

  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Hey jonnni, as your weight loss starts to slow, I'd suggest moving to a two piece tri-suit outfit. The 'muffin top' effect might give your motivation a whole new lease of life. It works for me.
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Best way? Hmm. 1) Burn more calories than you consume 2) Make better choices about what you eat 3) Forget about loosing weight as a direct goal - but aim for something else - improving running or cycling, for example. Focusing on running for a bit would be ideal - as this tends to use more calories per minute than cycling... and swimming.

    Keep a diary of what you eat and drink. Aim to increase quality cards and vegetables - don't worry about cutting down or make any drastic changes - except for cutting down on alcohol a bit. Look at substituting things - i.e. swap heavily processed things (like bread) for things like more vegetables.

    Get a podometer/step counter and wear it all the time - then you can get a feel for how active/inactive you are. Look at getting around 10,000 steps per day (perhaps excluding training - really depends on how much you do).

    You only really need to be using a few more calories than you consume to start loosing weight (and, conversely, eating a few more calories than you use to gain weight).

    Having a proper breakfast - Porridge! Eat a smaller portion in the evening! Drink some water if you feel a bit hungry - I quite often get thirst and hunger confused, which seems odd, but I've heard other people saying the same.

    Get some scales which do body fat percentage and look at changes in that, rather than weight...

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242

    I you have a big bag and are pouring dripping into it at the top and letting it run out at the bottom. You want a flat bag not a big wobbly bag of dripping.

    What happens if ....

    1. You pour more in than you let run out?

    2. Pour the same amount in as you let out?

    3. Let more out than you pour in?

    I think that if you employ 3. you will end up with a flat bag.

    Therefore eat less and work more.

    When you put your mind to it, it is amazing what you can get used to, despite what people say. I survived 9 years as a waterted down lightweight, I was clinically underweight, but I was at my athletic peak

    To lose a belly
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    The biggest problem you will have is if you put weight on and its the belly first then you guessed it the belly is the last place you lose it.

    For me it was alchol that kept me wobbley. I was 12 st 10 and now with a a cut in the big A stuff I am now 11 st 3 and look much better. Even Mrs Blinkybaz seems more impressed.

    I have upped my training to over 5-6 hours a week.

    So to conclude cut the alchol and only put good stuff in. Its not easy to start with and you will find it hard to keep up as I do regularly fall into a bacon sandwich or an Italian creamy meal.

    Good luck!!

    Yheres alway hipposucktion.
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