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Steaming goggles

JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
I recently bought a pair of Aqua Sphere Eagle goggles, after being told they were one of the best buys.

They were until this morning. I started warming up, and the buggers fogged over. I thought ahh maybe I need a wee bit spit. Even after carrying this out countless times they still continue to fog.

Now I do not want them fogging especially when open water swimming.

Does anybody know why this would happen? If so are they faulty, not tight enough, rubbish, or is there a way to stop the fogging. Even though the manufactures say they have the best defogging lenses. Which mean they shouldn't


  • cottontailcottontail Posts: 8
    I wore a brand new pair of Aquasphere Seal XP today, and they fogged up a little bit too! I have got some anti fog drops but are a bit reluctant to use them on these goggles as they are supposed to be superior inthe anti-fog stakes!! I will try them in open water tomorrow and see if they are any better. If not, then they are going back!
  • handyrobhandyrob Posts: 31
    Could be a number of things. How long have you had them and which ones are they? The antifog coating will wear off over time as with any goggles but should be good for the early months stages. Also, how often do you swim in them as obvious wear and tear will affect them. Do you use the case they come in or just chuck them in you bag after use?

    I used to go through 3 pairs a year until I kept them in the case and now they tend to last a lot longer. But if you only had them for a short time id think about getting them swapped as it may be just a faulty pair.
  • leigh35leigh35 Posts: 28

    I have been having this problem for a while with the same goggles, and put it down to the temp of the pool and it's surroundings, I have tried spit, solutions etc none of which has worked in the pool.

    Have yet to try in open water ( which I will do next Tuesday evening at training session).

    I did however use my seals last night in open water and they didn't fog!!


    Never had this problem with my speedo's

  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    If it happens again I might ocntact wiggle and get them changed. I once did an openwater swim, and my goggles fogged up. It was a nightmare, so I NEVER want that to happen again.
  • milnercraigmilnercraig Posts: 36
    I tend to rub a really small amount of Baby Shampoo on the inside of the lenses of my goggles. Works really well for me, not the clearest view as it can be a little smeared and therefore blurry, however much more prefereable to fogging up.

    To be honest I've never found an anti fog product that works...
  • iangriffiangriff Posts: 48
    Jason, i Have the same goggles and the same problem, although they have been nowhere near open water. I bought some of the aqua sphere anti fog, a couple of drop before a swim and no probs. I have always found that goggles with anti fog start fogging after a short time of use i djust don't think it last as long as we expect it to.


  • LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    I went to SBR in windsor today to try and get some anti anything for my googles, to be told they didn't have any and there was none in the country at the moment..... a pain if that is the case...
  • hi jason, i think i may have the answer to your fogging goggles, i am a rep for aquasphere so email me on [email protected]
  • can you check out the answer i gave to jasons posting re steaming goggles. chris
  • try tri uk for some i believe they have some in stock
  • razgrazg Posts: 5
    i've had the aquapshere seal and seal xp! i found that they are very confortable and dont tend to fog!

    my speedo and zoggs just didnt not compare and the new zoggs predator is awful!!!!
  • About the fog,it should be quality problem. generally speaking,the swimming goggles are all made anti-fog treatment. and if it is so easy to get fog at lens, you need to change another one from the shop.

    I am working in a manufacturer now,so I know the production process of the swimming goggles,any more questions let me know: [[email protected]][email protected][/email]

  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Another thing I've found with my new seal xp is I got to use them three times. Then decided to jump into the sea from Nairn harbour, at which point my they came off. By the time I surfaced they had obviously sunk. Maybe I should have made a better attempt at keeping them on but as a word of warning to anyone...they dont float for any time at all! very annoyed and frustrated [:@]
  • Hello Jason Know how you feel, Bought same pair of goggles and they fogged [:@], I now use anti misting solution before each swim.This works wonders if you remember to put on before the race........

  • Hi Everyone,

    I had exactly the same problem with the eagles 2 weeks ago in open water...nightmare!

    I bought some anti-fog soultion, and read somewhere that the fogging is caused by a warm face and cold water. I was told to use a couple of drops of anti-fog, rinse them in the water and then wet my water with the water to bring the temperature down

    I tried this tonight and I didnt have one bit of fogging, compared to constant fogging 2 weeks ago. I know its only once but seemed to work a treat

    Hope it helps


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