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Orca 3.8

JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
Hi I recently upgraded my wetsuit from a hired Orca to my very own Orca 3.8. I will be using it for a couple of Olypmics and the Hlaf IronMan Vitruvian. The latter being what I bought the suit for. Plus I was to nervous to buy a 2XU suit or Orca Speedsuit that cost a hundred bucks or more.

Does anybody have one. It is just now I have bought it, people keep telling me that it isn't really any good for Olypmpic distance. It is more suited to anything from 3.8 and onwards? Is it a good westuit. I will hopefully find out tonight when I go swimming in the Histon Lake in Cambridge.

Or are they just jealous lol.


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    bunongbunong Posts: 49
    I have been going through the same dilema. I have a hire suit that is tight on the shoulders and was thinking of buying a decent suit. I'm also doing Vitruvian as my main event this year and plan to swim at Histon tonight... How weird is that[&:]

    I'm going for an early swim - 6:00 to 6:45ish on the nose as wife is have her girl freinds round[:o][:o] Thats one of the reasons for 'thinking' about a new suit - she spends all the money on girls nights out[:(]

    Hope to see you their? I guess you will be the one raving about yor new suit???
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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    lol That's funny. I wont know anybody there. I normally go with Ipswich Tri to Gosfield. But seeing as I work in Cambridge thought i would try Histon. Heard it is shorter but water is cleaner.

    If you see somebody continually pulling at the Tri suit trying to make it fit, then thats me.

    I plan for about the same times, in and out by 6:45

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    clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    Ive got the 2008 version and it is brilliant!

    Keeps you boyaunt (spelling?) and the forearm and shin fin areas really seem to catch the water, ive swam in mine twice so far and feel really comfortable and more mportantly fast in it!

    Its also very flexible, my last orca felt a little bit of resistance when moving but this one you dont even notice you have it on!

    Worth every penny and id like to thank SBR sports for giving it to me!
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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Thats the perfect answer. I dont' use my legs much. So that sounds perfect.

    I am now looking forward to trying it at histon now

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    bunongbunong Posts: 49
    How did you get on???

    I saw you there but by the time I had signed in - you saw the queue.. you had already got in the water and were one of the pod/shoal of swimming hats. Missed you at the end as well as I had to shoot off.

    Tell us all about it as I want to know if spending the money is worth it??? I had a crap swim, it was the first open water swim of the year - my suit must have shrunk over winter. So bad I had to stop at the first island and re-pack myself. Thankfully the end was not too far away.
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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    It was realyl good. I have got to say it was an investment worth making.

    I don't think it made me faster. But that may have been the apprehenisiveness to being in the cold lake after a year. But what it had over my old wetsuit was it was so comphy; I was warmer but not boiling; the range of movement was far better, when i got a bit wind, instead of the usual almost being sick it actually let me burp (sorry about that).

    Every time I took a stroke on my right arm I saw the orange flash, and kept thinking "i'm cool, and I gotta new wetsuit"...."i'm cool, and I gotta new wetsuit"....lol

    This Friday I will give it a go and try a sprint for a couple of hundred metres see how it fairs then.

    Did you like the lake? The coldness was so painful on the face to start with. I had to stop a couple of times to get bearings as the markers were tiny. Part from that very clean lake.
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