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upgrading yer bike

Anyone thinking of upgrading your training bike is a good idea. I have had a trek 1000 for about 4 years it came with a sora triple groupset decent at the time, new and all that, only just replaced it with Shimano 105 double 9 speed. After reading numerous threads on wasting money on upgrading mediocre frames I took heed to my own intuition and Good God what a difference, bike feels somewhat different the cranks are so much stiffer and the shifting is great. Braking is much better, I actually changed the seat post to a decathlon special, a carbon seat post for £20!! more like a carbon wrap, however very very lightweight and very comfortable for a 200lbs chump! This bike is more like a racer training bike. The purpose of this thread is to share and let anyone know if considering likewise. Shop around, I saved pounds with an online shop buying a new groupset rather than purchasing a new bike. There is nothing wrong with my alpha aluminium frame and forks over the course of years I changed the handle bars to alloy pinarello £20 from LBS. 2004 campag scirocco wheels online £179, 2004 shimano ultegra spd-sl £55 online. There's years still left on

this bike.....Now the weather is getting warmer there is no excuse 30 50 milers on the weekend, oh bloody 'ell


  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Upgrading is a great idea.. especially getting decent wheels. A good place to pick up some bargains is on E-BAy...I picked up 105 Brakes and a rear mech about 15% cheaper than some online bike retailers.

  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Has any one got any advice on getting a pair of racing wheels, I currently ride a Quintana Roo Tequilo that has some standard shimano's on it, but I know nothing about wheel choice etc, for a £1000 bike how much should I look at spending? And just how much difference do they truly make?
  • ChrisChris Posts: 17
    Recommend getting Tubs for race day. Get alot more pressure into tyres and they are generally faster i find.

    I have just paid £1200 for some bontrager xxxl race wheels. Really good
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Sorry, not entirely sure what Tubs are?
  • ChrisChris Posts: 17
    Its a kind of tyre and inner tube in one.

    You have to glue them to your rim. Whereas a clincher inner tubes and tyre are separate.

    Tubs are costly. I paid £50 per tyre.
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