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  • Hi Bonus

    just read your other thread regarding the waves at Seaford - sounds it all went well on sunday-

    I was sat on the beach just up the road in Eastbourne watching them crash on the beach thinking bloody hell seaford will be like this in 2 weeks.

    I entered back in feb for the novice due to the swim as i couldn't do 750m back then - so it is only 200m - even so that looked along way in those waves - advice regarding rythym breathing etc - (no wetsuit).

    I did some sea swimming in Brittany about 3 weeks ago quite choppy and the way out to a sports platform 300m ish was really tricky due to the waves, i ended up doing breaststroke as when i wanted to breath a wave would crash and vise versa but coming back in no probs.

    Any help appreciated.

    Are the bouys in and out?



  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Yeah the swim on Sat was great fun thanks.

    Regarding breathing its a hard call. It is definately a benefit if you can breath bilaterally, as it increases the ease with which you can breath without choking down alot of salt water if the waves are angled at you oddly or your crammed by other swimmers.

    I would definately recommend sighting more regularly as you'll have not only other swimmers but current and waves knocking you off course. It also gives you an idea of what waves are coming up at you so you can sync your breathing. I found that occasionally I was breathing just at the top of a wave and I which felt like I was being thrown back into the water rather than swimming down the wave, subsequently it was forcing water up my nose or I was choking. I'd also recommend ear plugs as if you get hit by a big roller it can occasionally force a load of water down you canals which is deeply unpleasant. Just remember to remove them for the bike and run legs!!

    Talk to the lifegaurds or get some local knowledge and find which way the tide/currents are running on the day so you can pace accordingly as well.

    Hope that helps [:)]
  • rebborebbo Posts: 58

    it was relatively calm at Seaford once we were 10 yards out, past the breakers. The novice is (or was last year when I did it) an out and back - and I don't remember any problems with waves. Bigger problems were

    1) accounting for current

    2) avoiding the women in the fun race who started as I was coming back in.

    Sure you'll be fine - good luck!

  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Hi Rebbo

    Many thanks for coming out, was much appreciated!
  • Hi guys

    many thanks - i will let you know how it goes.


  • Missed it! Noooo! Doing the Seaford Sprint on the Sunday and absoluuuuuutely cacking myself! Only done 2 tris before and they were pool based...[&:] Just hoping that I don't drown! If anyone is doing it Sunday see you there! ARGH!!!! [;)]
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