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Beaver Triathlon

Hi all

I've just started booking up races for this season and in keeping with last years plan I'm looking for a half ironman/middle distance race. In doing so I came across the Beaver Triathlon http://www.justracinguk.com/event.asp?EID=8

I was wondering if anyone had any experience of this particular one. It appeals because

A) its in my home county = cheap accomodation

B) Compared to Ironman 70.3 its half price

C) Looks 'challenging' (i.e. I haven't really trained for 6 months let alone done a half distance ironman before [:D])


  • nickbnickb Posts: 13
    Did the Beaver last year and it is a decent yet challenging event, made wose by a howling wind which hopefully you won't have to endure if you enter this year. The Swim is in a lake - pretty shallow and the walk to the swim start from transition was a flip flop affair over a field which isn't ideal but let's face it compared to the pain to follow not much to worry about !

    The most difficult part (as always) is the run which is very hilly and steep in places particulary on the run up to the castle so I'd recommend upping your run training and incorporate some hill work if you can.

    Plenty of hotels and camping on site if that is your thing !!

    All in all recommended but be warned it's not the easiest !!

    Good luck.
  • BonusBBonusB Posts: 279
    Thanks for the heads up. I'm in the process of a) trying to convince myself that this is really a good idea... b) seeing if I have enough recovery time between coming back from a week of climbs in the alps and doing this...
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