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Seeking nutrition advice for a longer swim

Hi there,

I'm seeking advice on taking supplements while swimming. I'm doing a sponsored 10k swim in early May. The longest I've swum before is 5k for which water intake was sufficient. Naturally I'm concerned that somewhere between 5 and 10k I'm going to run out of steam. I wondered a) what other swimmers' experience energy-wise is with this kind of distance? b) what kind of supplements you've used successfully? I'm aware that it takes a while to adapt to using particular supplements. If you could bear this in mind in terms of suggesting products which are relatively easy to assimilate, that would be a big help.

Thanks very much and I look forward to learning from your knowledge.


PS I am, by the way, swimming for a great charity which is making a real difference in the world, providing solutions to our common problems through realising a greater context to the way we look at things. If you feel inspired to support this effort, please go to: [color=#236eb5]http://www.justgiving.com/enlightennextsplash[/color]


  • ChrisChris Posts: 17
    I find Science in Sport (SIS) products really useful.

    When i swam for the GB team i used PSP22 products. But also drank alot of water leading up to the races just to make sure i was fully hydrated.

    Maybe eating a banana will help as it only takes upto 8mins to digest so light on the stomach.
  • Thanks, Chris, I'll follow up on all those suggestions.

  • If anyone wants to add anything to Chris's advice it would be very welcome. I know it's not a strictly triathlon question, but I imagine some of the forum members have experience of this kind of thing.

    Best, Steve
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