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Ironman Talk Podcast

Ironmantalk Podcast Episode 7- April 10th, 2006

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In this weeks episode:


Last weeks race results: Lisboa 70.3 , Gulf Coast Half.

Race reports from: Terenzo Bozzone, Cameron Brown and Lisa Bentley.

More on WTC and ITU are sorting out their problems.

This weekends races: Lanzarote, Baja 70.3, Florida 70.3.

Age Grouper of the week: June Mclain for a great swim at Gulf Coast.

High 5!: Top 5 tips for avoid cramping.

Website of the Week!: http://www.pfitzinger.com/labreport.shtml. Great website for running tips.

Triathlon Trifecta Tantaliser: Lanzarote

John’s picks: 1st Juhanson, 2nd Martinez Rubio, 3rd Llanos.

Bevan picks: 1st Liebetrau, 2nd Andersson, 3rd Hellriegel.

Coach’s Corner: Planning your season part 1. Plus training logs. The whys, hows and when for both areas.

Listens emails question. John’s PDF of Ironman race rules.


  • bevanjamesbevanjames Posts: 40
    Hey everyone, in this weeks podcast.

    Ironmantalk Episode 8- May 24th , 2006


    In this week's episode:


    Triathlon Tantaliser.

    WTC wind tunnel results. Were they that realistic?

    Last week's race results: Lanzarote, Florida 70.3.

    This weekend's races: Japan and Brazil.

    Triathlon Trifecta Tantaliser Picks:

    John’s picks: Japan 1st Byung Hoon Park, 2nd Kawaha Hayato, 3rd Pehr Vabrusek. Brazil 1st Raynard, 2nd Oscar, 3rd Bell.

    Bevan’s picks: Japan 1st Chris Lieto, 2nd Kawaha Hayato, 3rd Uwe Widmann. Brazil 1st Sabatschus, 2nd Bell, 3rd Bayliss.

    Points: John 1, Bevan 0.

    Age Grouper of the Week!: Bob Kelley for being a legendary old bugger!

    High 5: Shoulder Stretches - check out the photos on www.ironmantalk.com.

    Website of the Week!: Gordo’s website and forum.

    Coach’s Corner: Planning your season part 2. The tricks of the trade to make sure you plan your season well.

    Listeners' email questions:

    Jo’s questions about Lactate Threshold and improving your time after you have completed a few races.

    Pete’s recommendation for a free training log.

    Fabien’s weight loss website.

    Matthew’s question about gear. If you have any feedback on this email us.

    Train Well
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