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Ironmantalk Episode 12 - June 21st, 2006



In this week’s episode:


Results from UK 70.3, Muskoka (Canada), New Balance Half (return of Lori Bowden).

This weekends races: Ironman France & Ironman Coeur d’Alene. (Bevan and John had the same people for their tantalizer picks.)

Peter Reid retires from being a professional Ironman.

John is setting up for Epic Camp in France.

An interview with Ian Wright from http://pyreneesmultisport.com about his triathlon and cycle tours in France.

High 5: Traveling tips for packing you bike. Check out our Top 5 Triathlon Tips pages.

Age grouper of the week:

Victor Mccloud for doing a 70.3 at the age of 69! Go you good thing!

Website of the week!: http://pyreneesmultisport.com

Coach’s Corner:

Swim tests plus blister tips.

Questions and Answers

Well done Paul on your first 70.3.

Gary’s question about using a local or internet coach.

Matthews question on a world series for Ironman.

Lastly a bigYa-harrrrrrrrrrrrr to the Runner’s World Pirates!

Train Well
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