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size of bike

I have discovered despite what they say, size actually does matter! Im currently riding a Giant OCR 2 size med which I have been told maybe to big. Therefore Im looking at changing pretty soon. Im 5'7 and wondering if anyone could advise me on what size would be better suited?


  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Hi Jim,

    It comes now to more than frame size and height I am affraid

    From what I gather inside leg measurement is also important as this determines the length of the crank and I guess the length of torso and arms will play a part in getting adjustments for the handle bars etc.

    I'd suggest going to bike shop and asking there or get a mate who cycles(like what I have done) to help you out with sizing etc

    Other more (bike) worldly wise on the forum will probably be able to offer more specific advise


  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    [8|]If you go to a bike shop and they don't have someone with the knowledge and the willingness to help you get the correct size - then you are in the wrong shop.[:)]

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    hi loon - so now you think turning to god will help ur training eh LOL
  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    I have no need for God as I am "super user" or should that be "super gobshite"
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    Some would question whether you two actually have a job!

    Some of us just can't keep up - i'm not even a junior yet!

    Maybe i'll just have to beat you in the pool

  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307
    I have a Giant OCR and it's the 55.5 size, i am 6' so it's likely that you do need a smaller frame

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    have a job but is almost completly desk based and also involves a lot if online time...as I design and build websites for me crust...

    you will probably kick my arse soundly in the pool

  • madnursemadnurse Posts: 782
    whereas i works shifts and have access to the net at home and work.

    not sure about this super member bit .. sounds a bit grandiose !!!!

  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Think it kicks in at 90...

    Its a fairly amusing concept really....I mean where do we go after 5stars and "super member" (isn't that a porn flick)

  • guv001guv001 Posts: 227
    On the question of bike size just to add my little bit I got sized up on a Giant bike and I was told that a small would be best for me although I would probably feel ok on a Medium I'm 5 foot 9 so from that I would think that the medium would be to big however you might have arms that drag on the floor as stated above get fitted correctly at a bike shop and preferably at a bike shop you trust as some will sell you anything as long as they make a few $$$
  • jimhop51jimhop51 Posts: 22
    fair one my knuckles do get sore on the floor from all the dragging!
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