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Swimming pool times

This may be a starnge or even stupid question, but after reading athoyles question about the size of the pool i was wondering how the length of the pool affected your times? For example if you train in a 20m pool and do 400m in 7 minutes will you be slower or faster in a larger pool?


  • tomroomtomroom Posts: 33
    You will probably be slower as the general convention is that tumbling, although involving a chage in direction, is quicker than swimming. I think the conversion for a long course time (50m) to a short course time (25m) is a 3% reduction in time.


  • Hey Jimhop,

    I have been wondering the same, as I use a local pool which is only 20M long.

    As you do, am trying to work out how my 1500M (75L) and how it could measure to open water.

    I don't tumble, but do push off at the wall. Am interested in the 3% point actuallly.

    I have been thinking that you lose out with rhythm on the shorter course but as said you gain from the turning and pushing at the wall. Plus on the open course you have the advantage of a wetsuit and drafting.

    A lot of pro's and con's...would be interested to hear other opinions..

  • TesseractTesseract Posts: 280
    I avoid pushing off the wall on my turns as it doesn't mimic open water, of course the change in direction doesn't really either, but at least I try to keep it as much stroke as possible. Due to this I think my pool times are slower (although as pointed out wetsuits help a lot!)
  • your time will definitely be slower swimming in a long course (50m) pool. I train in a 25m pool and on the turns i normally glide about 5 metres so i'm really only swimming 40m and gliding 10m for every 50m i travel. when you add it up its alot of gliding!!! plus its a killer when you first start to train in a 50m pool as you are not used to the "rest" at the 25m mark.
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