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bleep test

I have just taken part in 20m shuttle run fitness test also known as a bleep test. I was wondering if anybody else has used this method to test there fitness and if so what level did you get to? I got to level 12 but felt i could have pushed on a little further.


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    Hate it! hate it! hate it![:@]

    I have to do the bleep test every year and I loath it. I only get to level 11.6 then have to stop as my knees ache from the constant turns. As a cardio fitness test I think its flawed as you are required to change direction every 20m and if your body is crocked like mine then you can't get up to your max speed, as an agility test though its good for the same reason.

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    You felt like you could go on.... lazy devil...you should be at exhaustion when you stop. Anyhow good for you.... bleep test is an excellent way of assessing overall fitness and is used for a lot of sporting teams. A few years ago when I was playing hockey I got to level 11.1 - but never achieved that since but then I was running/sprinting a lot more then now! There's plenty of websites that'll tell you how fit you are given how far you got on the bleep. Good on you! [:)]
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    mark26mark26 Posts: 10
    Use to do them years ago, highest I ever reached was 12.

    They are also available for pressups & situps always found these harder than the running one.

    Have since found HRM much easier.
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    The highest I ever managed was 14, but that was a few years ago when I was training fairly seriously. Now I'm about 12-12.5. I have to say though that I hate the bleep test - it takes ages to get up to a speed that challenges you and then speeds up painfully quickly so that you go from coasting to dropping out in a really short time. It's probably a fairly good fitness test (to monitor your improvement, rather than your fitness relative to other people), but I doubt that it has any real triathlon benefit - quick changes of direction and acceleration are more relevant to sports like tennis, football and rugby than to cycling, swimming or running.
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    AlgarniAlgarni Posts: 46
    The Bleep test is very good to test your fitness but as has been said before it's not as relevant to Triathlon as other tests available.

    There are other tests you can do on a track or on a bicycle.

    The Balke test can be found below which will give you a more accurate test of your vo2max which I think is more relevant to Triathlon.


    The only thing with a lot of these tests is that they are not as well known so you will find it hard to compare your results with other people.

    All the best!!1

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    You can check how your bleep test score compares to the average person on: http://www.topendsports.com/testing/beepcalc.htm

    According to the site, a 25 yr old's average score is 9, but you need to get 14 in order to score "excellent". Drops a bit once you become an old timer like me[:(] - a 26-35 yr old only needs 13 to get an "excellent"!

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    The link in the previous post is not working. The correct link is:


    Not a lot of triathletes have completed the bleep or beep test, as it is used mainly for team sport athletes. Endurance sport athletes would be better off getting a VO2max test done to measure and monitor their aerobic fitness. The same website has information about VO2max testing:


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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Hey there, I think it is a good indicator of fitness levels, when i started Triathlon 2 years ago i could only get to around Level 11 at a push... now my PB is 15.3 i have to do this test every year as my works fitness test so i try and do one every 6 months to gauge where i am for that..

    I have heard it is supposed to be done on a running track with the 20m points marked out and you have to increase your speed to meet these targets and best of all you dont have to injure yourself turning all the time especially when level 18 is reached as i feel it is nigh on impossible to turn and sprint that distance in 3 seconds[:'(]

    There are a few different tests on the CD too like a pyramid session.

    Happy Training
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    Hi there,

    As a measure of improvement then it's fine, it's just not very sports specific to triathlon - but i suppose it's the same as any retest ... you just want to look for improvements.

    Some great replies for further information on other tests though... this site is great by the way, some great help and advice given!!!

    My PB on the bleep by the way was 12, I'm quite a big lad and have the turning circle of a battle ship cruiser!!
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    hatstandhatstand Posts: 1
    Hi - new to this, my first forum ever!! I joined because my 9 year old boy has just completed a 20yd bleep test under strict supervision and scored 12.6 - Im told this is very good but can find no comparisons for kids scores - He plays football, swims but has been told he is to young to join an athletics club which he is keen to do - and no I am not a pushy parent just a very unfit dad wanting the best for his son without pushing or injuring him - anyone any views??????
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Great to see this kind of attitude. I hate those pushy parents who want their kids to perform like pro's, just to fill in what they couldn't achieve when they were kids themselves. Oops, let myself go there[&:].

    Found something that might help with your results. If you can calculate the VO2max with the bleep test, you might be able to see where your kids at in the following link: http://www.aerobictest.com/FitnessNorms.htm .

    Keep helping your kid, hopehe keeps loving what he does, cause thats the most important thing for him.


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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    The reason you will not find great info on kids fitness is that until adolescence, aerobic training shows no significant improvements, as one is trying to train a system that is immature & developing, so most figures are unreliable. Add in adolescence being a very moveable feast as it were, kids development being very individual it is very hard to come down with a figure that is meaningful. Plus testing on kids is questionable in a moral sense with consent etc..as far as joining an athletics club, I find that 'too young' statement a little odd, not to say short sighted on the part of the club(s) in the area, have a look for local tri club as they may well have a junior section..not athletics but a start.
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    AdyShawAdyShaw Posts: 19
    I find this 'too young' hard to believe, what the difference between athletics and football where they start playing at under 5's!! I started in my local athletics club in the junior section when i was 10, there was no pushing, just a fun introduction into the world of athletics.

    I suppose this is another thing to come out of the 'health and safety' era that we are now going through, which could also be a reason for kids not having anything to do other than play computers and cause trouble. And get overweight!!

    Things have changed and i'm only 27!!

    Rant over[:D]!!

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    DarylDaryl Posts: 10
    As a test of general fitness I think it's pretty good up to a certain level. As an 'endurance athlete' I found I could get up to level 14 pretty easily, but from then on the speed required to maintain the test gets too much for me! I've managed 15.3. When it starts getting that fast it feels as much a test of sprinting ability as fitness.
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    Hi I am a 15 year old triathlete/ time trialist and i scored level 18.1 (74ml/kg) on the bleep test which put we way of the scale and in about the top 1%

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    DanDDanD Posts: 1
    Im 15 and my highest is 14.9 in the bleep test which i dne at footie training[;)][:D]. any help message me
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    Boo Hissssssss......

    Hate the bloody thing, for me its an annual thing which if your not careful can bugger up your knee's or ankle's

    I have to do a revised version of the 20m bleep test, increase upto level 5 then sustained for 7min's carrying 20 odd lbs and in a set of hot sweaty coverall's, then a few other bits n piece's after... gauge of fitness maybe, but I wont be putting it into my training programme !

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    husslerhussler Posts: 237
    My PB is 16.7, I have to do this test every 6 months at work. The way 99% of people do it is rubbish, with all the turning etc....

    It was designed to be run in either a Square or on a track with markers at every 20m. All you have to do is progressively speed up to hit the marker at the bleep, one BIG drawback is that you have to be very disciplined at this because it is easy to try and go beyond the markers before the bleep, and eventually youll be out of sync with everything that it makes the test rendered useless.

    Its an ok guide to fitness, not the best by any means, but longs that if choose this method then stick to it with the same parameters set each time you carry the test out. As you increase fitness you score should increase.

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