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what distances in training?


I've signed up for a Sprint in may, the London Olympic distance in July and the great Scottish run half marathon in September.

Running my worst discipline.

Should I start by focusing on the shorter distances until after the Sprint or should be focusing on getting miles in early in the year?



  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Winter miles = Summer smiles

    Split your sessions up into the following

    Jan-Feb - 80% Long Slow 20% intensive
    Late Feb-April building to 60% LS 40% intensive
    April-May - 20% LS 80% intensive

    May - recovery week after race
    Rest of May - start of June - 40% LS 60% Intensive
    June-July - 25% LS 75% Intensive

    July - recovery week after race
    Rest of July - August 40% LS 60% Intensive
    August-Sept - Reduce from 40% LS 60% Intensive to taper in last 2 weeks prior to Half

    roughly something like that without going into too much detail.

    Always do at least one long bike (over race distance/expected time) and one long run (building to over distance)

    To run a half marathon you only really need to run 10 miles max.... if your short of time/ not too bothered about finish time....

    However I always find if you only run 10 miles, those last 3 are an effing long way......I like to run overdistance say upto 15 or 16 miles, then when you do 13 it seems easy..... however i wouldnt run more than 23/24 miles when training for a full marathon.
  • That is a dam good answer!!
  • Isn't it just!

    Thanks very much for that. My year is pretty much set out now.

    Much appreciated!
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