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Hello everyone. I just want to get some peoples advice on what they do when they feel 'burntout'. I have been training pretty consistently for 5 months, and upping it pretty slowly. Everything has been going well until last thursday when i went swimming, and whilst i was in the pool i felt like going to sleep.... Since then i have had two days off, and even this morning i have woken up feeling exhausted, and now at work all i want to do is go to sleep(so no real change there!).

Am i burntout, or is this just a virus? What consitutes a burnout and what do you do if you are, and what are the implications!





  • jimhop51jimhop51 Posts: 22
    As someone who works in the medical proffesion I would advise anyone that feels they may be ill to get checked out rather than thinking its just a virus and i will run it off sort of thing. Without knowing what your health is like and other factors such as how much training you do and what your diet is like its hard to give you an answer. What I would say though, and im sure a lot of the more experienced guys will agree is that a good rest can be just as important as good training days. A lot of the training guides I have read advised a rest week every 5 weeks or so. Maybe its just your body saying you need a good rest?
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Wise words from jimhop, I had the same prob as you jonathon, swim coach told me to have the rest of the week (3days) off and do nothing! By the third day I was bouncing off the walls, but did feel a lot stronger after a rest. Its so easy to get carried away with training. I also found I was lacking a bit in Iron as I dont eat meat. I got an over the counter 1 a day iron supplement which again made a lot of difference. Im not in the medical proffesion but hope this helps.
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