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Power output when on AeroBars

Hello everyone

Need some help. I foolishly changed quite a few things on my bike last week and recently when i have been riding out on it things just havent clicked like they used to..... If i lowered the front bars down to a very low position (i am flexible and this doesnt feel too bad) then could this have an effect on the power output when i am down on my aerobars?? Any thips would be appreciated.




  • Matt KMatt K Posts: 16
    affecting the power output? that would be difficult to say because being in different positions on the bike employs your muscles in different ways, sometimes this can be good sometimes bad.

    You will definatley improve your chances of going faster due to less drag, but whether your overall speed improves, you will only know over time.

    Part of cycling is setting up the bike so it works with your body perfectly, and trial and error is really the only way to do this.

    Keep making little adjustments to your cockpit position and it will soon click again
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