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Post work out recovery drinks.

Hello. Just been reading alot of stuff about this recently and realise that this could be an area that i can improve massively in. However, im not willing to spend lots of money on post workout powders as well as the stuff i use whilst i am training. I read that quite a good drink was a glass of milk with a couple of spoons of sugar immediatly after training.

Does anyone have a good home remedy they use, or advice about the milk/sugar combo?




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    RobRob Posts: 209
    Johnny, I used a couple of different powders for a while. I honestly don't know if they made any difference or not. I now drink a pint of banana milkshake (real banana, not Nesquik - do they still do that?). Seems to be OK. Chocolate milk is rumoured to be a good post exercise recovery drink.


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    mark26mark26 Posts: 10
    I use the Mars refuel drink or Viper from Maximuscle it depends on what I fancy. Both appear to work for me. The Mars refuel tastes a lot better than the Viper.[8D]
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    LuckyLucky Posts: 137
    I've been thinking about adding protein drinks into my workout routine, possibly before and after.... not sure if it will help, but I would've thought that adding in extra protein will help with recovery ?
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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Jonny, the most important thing to remember post training/race is to rehydrate and replenish your glycogen stores. If you choose to do this through sports drinks then hypertonic drinks are the best. However you are not under the same constraints as you are prior to or during the race. I'm a big fan of a banana smoothy, high GI carbs and some protien to boot, but regular food high in carbs is effective with some protien too and plenty of water. There are lots of choices of what to eat so i won't go into them all.

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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303

    I personally use the SiS kit. There are lots of various drinks to have. I only use two.

    SiS Glyco Go - This is for pre-during-after training. ie 200mls before, as much as you need during, and 200mls after. costs about £1.50 per sachet.

    SiS Gloco Recovery - This is post training, and not only replenishes used glycogen, but optimises recovery to muscles. Costs about £1.50 per sachet.

    It may seem expensive buying sachets, however it is virtually the same price as buying a bottle of lucozade sport which most people do.

    I used to have an annoying thing where my calf muscles would twitch madly after training. Apparantly this is due to magnesium not getting to the muscles quick enough. Well the above mix fixed that problem straight away.

    I also used to suffer from stiff legs etc, and the above got rid if it also.

    One thing to note though. Is that obviously peoples bodies require different vitamins,minerals, blah, blah, blah. So the above may not be suited to you.

    It is a case of trial and error.

    Hope that helps.

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    Iain MIain M Posts: 9
    I just bought a batch of SIS Rego to try out having used Lucozade Sport Recovery (which I can't find anywhere this year) last year. I found that taking pure protien drinks (whey or soya based) tended to make me fart lots whereas the combined protien/carb drinks seem to be a little less harsh on (my) digestion. I'll let you know how the trial goes....
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    boodazefferboodazeffer Posts: 21
    i absolutely swear by recovermax from maximuscle! last year started training heavily for a charity event but muscles were sore after every workout for a good couple of days - was recomended this by dude in the shop and never got sore again - until i ran out!!!

    legendary stuff, was about £30 a tub but lasted ages although tastes pretty sherbet like :( couldnt do without it when training if muscle soreness is a problem.
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    Brind SurchBrind Surch Posts: 90
    Hi i was wondering if any one has tryed the sis rapid recovery?


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I generally use a drink called BEER
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I think I've heard of it treefrog (well I'm from Belgium[;)]).

    I've never used it as recovery drink though but always as race day fluid replacement. Really gets you through the swim. I recommend everybody to use it; would get you nasty zig-zag-swimmers more in a straight line, you're all in my bl**#y way[:@]. OOPS; got carried away here, too much time on my hand today I guess.[&:]

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    I use protein drinks for muscle recovery and have no problems at all.

    They contain about about 80 kcals per drink but that's nothing really after a decent session.

    I train 6 days a week and often twice a day with little muscle problems or soreness. I'm a Tri novice and in my early 40's but have found the volume of training fine with the help of the protein & a decent diet with loads of water throughout the day.
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    JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    I use Recovermax and SIS Rego, both of which are easily mixed with water. Rego tastes a bit better.

    However, the best I have come across is the For Goodness Shakes Chocolate drink, but find it hard to justify carrying a cool bag to keep it chilled. Used this after my long runs after marathon training and it was brilliant. Costs about £1.20 so not cheap comapred to what you get from the poders, but well worth it.
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    ChrisChris Posts: 17
    Their has been two studies into recovery drinks in America and Newcastle. Where 2 groups of cyclists were told to work out until complete exhaustion. After this one group were given sports recovery drinks and another given Chocolate Milk.

    They were then asked to cycle again until exhaustion and it was proven that the cyclist who drank the chocolate milk were able to keep going for 50% longer.

    I now use either Mars refuel or yazoo choclolate milk as it has the same nutritional values to mars refuel at a fraction of the cost
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    dee999dee999 Posts: 41
    mars refuel now, but used to be "for goodness shakes" (didnt like the chocolate version tho!- and really struggled to find a supermarket that actually stocked it-up here in the north east of scotland!!!)- read some data that choc milk supposed to be very good for your recovery![:D]
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    dunedogdunedog Posts: 15
    Used Maximuscle Recover (as it was then) a couple of years back in Marathon des Sables and it was excellent. Shame they ditched the choclate flavour. Not tried the new version. Viper is also very good and you can easily vary the strength to pre/during/post exercise. Currently using TorQ recovery..banana and mango.. which seems to do the trick. Just read an endurance training book and it says with a good diet you don't really need the extra protein! Not sure if those extra nutrients added do anything or if it's psychological. I generally save the TorQ for long sessions and use Alpro chocolate soya milk most of the time. Works well and a damn sight cheaper.
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