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Just to pass on some great information to you guys, something different from other things you have seen around with a wider range of benefits and application:

Herbalife - the Nutrition Sponsor for the 2006 London Tri


Fantastic programs, supplements and advice from a personal point of contact with Herbalife.

Fuel - Refuel - Repair - Recover

Natural products, that aid performance, recovery, repair and athletes health. Increase in energy for performance and also throughout the day. Leaving the body more prepared for each session allowing higher exersion and performance.

Deals with everything from raising energy levels and fuelling correctly for performance to avoiding muscle soreness and staying health despite heavy work/training loads.

Feel Better - Perform Better - Recover Quicker

Contact Andy for further details. 07949 446247 / 0161 839 9116

[[email protected]][color=#0000ff][email protected][/color][/email]

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