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New to Triathlon London Challenge

I'm new to triathlon and wanted to tell my story so far, which will hopefully do one of the following three things:

1) Inspire other people to have a go

2) grab some tips from all you "old timers"

3) generate some support for my charity

It all started back in January. I went back to work on 3rd Jan and went to weigh in and toped the scales at 17 stone 13lbs. (Ok I can hear the gasps) everyone at work thought about having a good go at loosing weight but the calling from the local shop serving breakfast was all too much. One of the lads competed in the tough guy competition over in Wolverhampton and after a few jokes that night and needless to say a couple of beers somebody bet me that I couldn't complete a triathlon. I had to prove him wrong! (Its the honorable thing to do)

I'm 24 now and up until the age of 18 was very fit. My main sport was swimming but also played alot of school boy rugby and waterpolo. A mixture of things including starting work, drinking and meeting various ladies put a drastic holt to any training I did and got me to the state I was in in January.

I searched a few websites and read various forums and found out about the London Tri and promptly entered the sprit distance, without really thinking about what would be involved. (Well it ment i had to do it!) The first aim has obviously been to loose some of the weight and now having lost 2.5 stone the training is starting to get easier. In some respects I'm quite lucky because I do kind of have the disipline to stick to a training schedule and I've got a lot of friends who have been involved in tri's in the past.

My swimming is obviously my strongest part and the cycling is coming on. Although I have fallen off the bike a couple of times, really embarrising when your at traffic lights and your feet are stuck to the peddles. The running has been the hardest part so far mainly because of the weight I've been carrying but I've made some real strides forward in the past couple of weeks. I've also joined my local tri club which really pushes the motivation.

I'm doing the tri in aid of Ward 15 of the Birmingham Childrens Hospital and I'd really appreciate it if people would have a look at the web site www.justgiving.com/ward15 .

I suppose to round off for the time being.......I'm really enjoying the training and genuinly can't wait till race day I can really see where people get the bug from. But hopefully people can see from my experience so far that anybody can get involved.


  • ChrisChris Posts: 17
    Well done Berney,

    Keep up the good work. If your enjoying the training that is the main thing because once you do your first triathlon you'll be addicted.

    Triathlon is like an addiction. Once you've done one you'll be wanting to do more!!

    Good look for London

  • Keep It Up Berney!

    My advice would be to keep on doing what your doing, it's clearly working at the moment!

    The biggest things I would say to do and to stick to would be:

    Keep the alcohol down to a minimum, this really does make a difference!

    If you need to snack always try and turn to fruit and raw vegetables.

    Don't try and run to much to soon, keep on getting in the distance on your bike, this will be a safer (as long as you don't get your feet caughgt in pedals, we've all done it!) way of exercising on your joints as they may not be used to sudden amounts of mileage. When running try and run on a soft surface, grass.

    Use your strong point which is swimming to your advantage, mainly by staying relaxed on the day in London not by trying to get an awsome swim time, I'm sure you know anyway swimming is all about staying relaxed, which will probably yield you a great time anyway.

    Mainly though, as this is your first one remeber that and remember why you are doing it. You have to great reasons, 1) A great charitable cause 2) To shut up those doubters.

    Use these as your motivation when the going gets tough, remember those doubters and you will succeed. All the best let us know how the training is going, I'm off to check out your link to the hospital![;)]

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