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Carrera Vanquish


There was a review of this bike in this months 220, from what the reviewers thought a very good entry level bike. A friend ofd mine has one he he absolutely loves it.



  • ianogbornianogborn Posts: 64
    This bike is actually from Halfords, dont laugh, but I am looking at upgrading and have about £500 to spend, is this bike anygood or is there something better, any one care to help ?? I have also been told that Bianchi are heavy too is this true ???
  • krazycalkrazycal Posts: 45
    Hi I have recently tried hard to get a bike and I did consider Bianchi (in the end i got a bargain principia) however i do think they are slightly heavier than other bikes but not much plus the are so cool compared to a carrera hope this helps
  • CenzoCenzo Posts: 91
    I'd look closely at the lower end Giant Ocr's or a Cannondale R500 maybe, I think the pedigree may well shine through.

    Worry more about what components you get other than weight. For that sort of money you should be able to get a tiagra equipped machine & they are all upgradable.

    Also, might be worth checking out Ebay, my gf got a 12month old Shimano 105 equipped Trek 1200 for £300 last December - bargain!
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