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What bike??? Advice needed

I hace just read this months 220 and was amazed to see in the bike test section The Carrera Vanquish (made by Halfords) vs the Dawes Comp Giro 500. Now in the mag they actually say that the Carrera is better and having gone to look at in my local store, its bloody brilliant, 18 speed, very light and very very nice. But do I get a small frame or a medium, I am only 5ft 9 and my old carrera virtuosso seems to be a bit big, not to mention heavy. So any advice would be great, also any advice on how to get my left arm working again as I am having a 7 inch metal plate taken out of my forearm on Thursday 20th July would be helpful.



  • CenzoCenzo Posts: 91
    Hi Ian,

    I can't help with the arm I'm afraid, but there's certainly some good medical advice posted on here so hopefully that will help when it comes.

    As for the bike, providing you are of reasonably normal dimensions for your 5'9" you probably need a bike with a frame size around the 54cm mark. My other half is 5'7" & rides a 54cm Trek with the seat post quite a way down.

    I'd also suggest shopiing around, have a browse at the bike stores online, Evans have a very comprehensive range & in their sale bikes section, so you could get more bike for that sort of money.

    If you're buying a new bike though it's always worth checking it out in person, the most important thing is comfort, you may opt for a heavier machine, but if it's more comfortable you'll go faster & longer!

    It's a bit of a mindfield but you'll also get quite a range of components to choose from, but post back if need anything clearing up.
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