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can anyone help, I am doing my first tri in 2 weeks at Ardingly college where it is swimming in a swimming pool (big nerves already), then I have the London to Brighton bike ride and then 2 days after that I have the 7 inch metal plate taken out of my left forearm...... can anyone help me as I want to start training again as soon as possible after the operation as I want to do the Bedford mini tri at the end of August, but its an open water swim. Do I spend the money on a tri wet suit or can I use an old windsurfing wetsuit, is there any major difference????

Also any I have bought a pair of Orca shorts to use for the whole tri event are they likely to make my bits sore after swimming and then getting on a bike and going like the clappers ??



  • loonytoonloonytoon Posts: 673
    Try and swim in your windsurfing suit - this will give you your answer....

    Which will be I suspect - you'll need a tri-specific suit ...The main difference is there is alot more movement in the shoulders to aid swimming...

    The orca shorts will be designed not to frag yer bits at any point...I did my first try at the weekend on just popped a pair of running shorts over my swimming shorts and all is present and correct

  • plingbootplingboot Posts: 19
    If your windsurfing suit is one of those with a "material" type surface (ie not laminated with a super smooth rubbery finish) you might be better off looking for a tri specific garment.

    The right tool for the job will always feel and perfrom better.

    The best way to try it is down the local pool, then maybe at an 'organised' openwater lake - (heron or dachet in west london).

    As far as clothing underneath goes, i've never had any significant 'chaffing' issues. A quick dip in a cold lake and the three piece suite makes a run for the inner recesses of your pelvis(!!) - thus keeping well out of the way.

    The main issue i've found is to do with the neck line of the wetsuit - if you don't use a good lathering of 'bodyglide' it looks and feels as though someones been trying to cut your head off with a blunt knife. Don't be tempted to skimp and use vasaline - it'll rot your suit.
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