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Pain in my foot when cycling

Can anyone help, I seem to get a pain on the outside of my right foot when cycling, inbetween the little toe and the heel, I wear comfortable cycling shoes and these have spd cleats on the bottom, so any advice please ?



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    TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    I get that sometimes.Its just your feet telling you youve done too much pedling.Most common amongst cyclist with spds
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    ianogbornianogborn Posts: 64
    So..... does this mean I need to change to another kind of pedal or just be a bit nicer to my foot while cycling ????

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    ILMAKRILMAKR Posts: 20
    Quick Hijack here, sorry, but I get foot pain too; I also use SPDs, and I get what feels a bit like cramp in the outside of my feet. I think it's down to having spent many many years jumping around on bikes with platform pedals, and I'm just "gripping" with my toes. Current plan is to try and relax a bit more, but if anyone knows otherwise, hints are greatfully received.
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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    I've never suffered with any kind of foot pain when cycling, but I have used both SPD and Look pedals and Look are far comfier.

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    BarbsaramaBarbsarama Posts: 73
    [color=#cc3399]Ok, so this is the third thread/bandwagon that i've jumped on today... I don't get pain as such but i do get numb feet. This makes it difficult to move on to a run because i cant' feel my feet after cycling. Do you think i need to put my seat up or just relax?[8|][/color]


    [color=#cc3399]Sorry to hone in on yet another post...[8D][/color]

    Thanks [:)]
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    There could be a number of causes for sore / numb feet. Most commonly a GOOD bikeshop will FIT the bike to you.

    Generally, it's straightforward to raise the saddle & jiggle the saddle forward or back once roughly the right frame size has been chosen.

    It is, however, a little more complicated altering the cleat position, shimming the shoe and/or finding the right footbed for your foot/shoe/pedal combo.

    Hence looking for a GOOD bikeshop.

    Specialized Body Geometry is a good place to start, but make sure the shop staff are adequately prepped on BG Fit.

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